Dr. Zachary Goodman D.C


D.C., C.S.C.S.

Dr. Zak Goodman started playing ice hockey when he was two years old, martial arts when he was four, and sports like lacrosse, golf, and tennis continued to be an important part of his life. While studying at Salisbury University, Dr. Goodman realized that he wanted to keep physical activity a focal point of his life and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science in 2009. After graduation, he trained athletes, children, geriatrics, and adults as a Certified Strengthening and Conditioning Specialist. Simultaneously, he served as a Physical Therapist Aide, allowing him to offer post-rehabilitative care to patients.

After working in health and wellness for several years, Dr. Goodman decided to widen his scope by becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. Unfortunately, within the first year of school, he was involved in two car accidents that altered the path of his life. Throughout school, his health declined significantly; his pain progressed from physical to neurological, eventually manifesting as impaired cognitive function. His vision blurred, his ears rang, and smell hallucinations were a regular occurrence. He felt like a rug was pulled from under his feet, as he could no longer participate in activities he had done his entire life.

Dr. Goodman’s experience drove him to seek answers about his health that no other physician could find. He found many solutions, but chiropractic care was and always will be a vital piece of this puzzle. An adjustment of his atlas, the topmost bone of the spine, triggered a monumental transition in his health and well-being. With proper chiropractic care and exercise, he found himself improving. As Dr. Goodman has sought his own answers in healthcare, he is here to help find yours.