Dr. Laurie Pavtis D.C



Dr. Laurie Pavtis is a skilled chiropractic physician with over twenty years of experience. She is passionate about educating her patients about healthy living, wellness, and proper nutrition.

Dr. Pavtis is a Nationally Board Certified and state licensed in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. Dr. Pavtis is also a certified Nutritional Consultant, has her Doctorate in Naturopathy, is licensed in Physiotherapy and is also a register radiological technologist. Dr. Pavtis is Nationally Board Certified.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Dr. Pavtis loves living in sunny Arizona. She is excited to share with Nevy Health her years of experience in Live Blood Cell Analysis and educating her patients about proper nutrition and overall wellness.


Live Blood Analysis

Dr. Laurie Pavtis is our resident expert when it comes to all things blood-related. With only a prick of your finger, Dr. Pavtis can read your blood through a microscope and help explain what is going on within your blood cells. Through analysis, she can explain what can be clearly seen as potential “problem areas” in your blood. The best part is you get to see it too, right there in the office with her!

In addition to Live Blood Analysis, Dr. Pavtis is also the author of our local “Nevy Nutrition Chat Group” on Facebook. On it, you will find information and advice regarding your health and diet, along with some of Dr. Pavtis’s favorite recipes and other nutritional information.  Be sure to check it out!