Nevy can put you on the path to success!

Are you seeking a lifestyle change through a natural, and food-based body transformation program? 

The Nevy Health Body Transformation Program will begin with testing and evaluation to determine the applicable changes to each specific body and lifestyle. We will analyze benchmarks like weight, lab tests, and measurements to create a customized, specific plan for each individual. Nevy Health uses our targeted line of high-grade, top of the line supplements that are specifically formulated to cleanse and provide the necessary nutritional value.

Body Transformation Program & Metabolic Typing

Nevy Health utilizes metabolic typing at the beginning of the Body Transformation Program to analyze specific needs, along with body measurements and medical lab tests. Metabolic typing is an analysis of personal demeanor, food reactions, and other information to determine the best foods for each person’s system, designed to specifically make the metabolism function at optimum levels. The program includes weekly appointments with our medical staff to chart and discuss the successes and struggles of each week and to provide accountability and the necessary support throughout the program which is designed in 30-day phases.

The Body Transformation Program Process

1. Establish goals and starting benchmarks through lab tests, metabolic typing, and measurements.
2. Schedule weekly appointments with the Nevy Health medical team
3. Begin a cleanse to remove toxins from the body
4. Identify foods based on metabolic typing information, design personalized menus, and make shakes daily
5. Provide the body with proper nutrients through food, shakes, and supplements
5. Live an active lifestyle, making healthy choices
6. Experience the transformation!