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Though it may seem that all rehab providers offer similar services, look closer and you’ll find a world of differences that can affect your patients’ health and your center’s future. Nevy Health is intentionally different – in the range of services we provide and the systems we adhere to. We offer open and honest communication, years of experience, and the mechanisms necessary for our clients to provide the highest quality of therapy in a results oriented and cost effective manner. Our business and reputation has been built on a solid foundation of patient care, client satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and sound financial and organizational management. Each of those principals plays a crucial role as we work to meet the needs of patients, residents, families, health care providers and their businesses.


At Nevy Health, strength conditioning and rehabilitation are an integral part of reducing pain and helping to maintain an active lifestyle. The use of strength conditioning with a chiropractic patient will not only decrease recovery time but can also be used as preventative care. These services will restore optimal function to people with injuries to the muscles, bones, tissues, and nervous system. This treatment involves various therapies that will be customized to best treat the patient’s needs.


Whether you are recovering from surgery, injury, illness or stroke, we can help you regain your mobility, strength, and daily function.

Strength Rehabilitation services at Nevy provide relief from pain for patients who suffer from headaches as well as acute or chronic pain in the back, neck and joints. Therapy also benefits patients who have suffered neurological conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury, as well as more chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

Physical Therapy provides successful treatment of illness and injury, including post-surgical therapy to help patients regain mobility and strength following joint replacement surgery (knees, ankles, hips, and shoulders), spinal surgery (neck and back), and surgical repair of fractures including rotator cuff, knee, ACL, and meniscus repairs.

Patients suffering from incontinence, balance deficits, and various forms of dizziness may also find Physical Therapy to be beneficial to their health and well-being.



What is strength and rehabilitation therapy?

Here at Nevy we strive to help people get healthier.  One problem we see is weakness.  This most common areas of weakness are found in the core and postural muscles.  Weakness of these muscles causes stress on the joints, nerves and discs of the spine.  Strengthening these muscles with specific exercises and electrical muscle stimulation can help stabilize the spine and reduce wear and tear stress and in some cases pain.  This therapy can also be performed on extremities, sports injuries, and other types of injuries that lead to weakness and dysfunction.

What types of rehabilitation therapies are offered at Nevy Health?

We offer many therapies here such as electrical muscle stimulation, strengthening and stretching exercises, cold laser therapy, spinal decompression therapy, ultrasound, heat/cryotherapy, microcurrent, vibration plate therapy and more.