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Putting 2


Mar, 2017

Oven Mitts can help your putting!

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If two golfers putt every green, that adds up to 36 strokes. For the average golfer, that’s 40% of your total! PUTTING IS IMPORTANT, and we don’t spend enough time practicing this part of the game. For great putting,…



Oct, 2016

From Corporate to Chiropractic – Meet Dr. Pentz

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Dr. Debra Pentz is a natural at the work she does as a Mesa Chiropractor here at Nevy Health, but she hasn’t always been a chiropractor. In her first career, Dr. Pentz worked in the corporate world in finance and accounting. So, what caused this shift into chiropractic care? “It was very stressful, and I saw my chiropractor about every two weeks on a Friday afternoon. Even though I was…

Jason Loth's Family


Sep, 2016

Meet Dr. Loth

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  When Dr. Jason Loth was in college, he injured himself playing college baseball. After visiting a friend of the family who worked as a chiropractor, Dr. Loth was impressed with how the chiropractor could make him better so…