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Oct, 2017

What is IV Therapy?

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One of the many quality services we offer at Nevy Health is IV therapy.  Most people haven't heard of are aware of the benefits of nutritional IV therapy.  IV Therapy can offer many benefits, and many of our patients…

Atlas Orthoganal


Sep, 2017

5 things you didn’t know about chiropractic care blog

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Have you been fighting headaches, dealt with ear infections in the past or asthmatic symptoms lately? Are you pregnant and looking to live the healthiest life you can? Many people with the above listed issues have found great results from chiropractic care. 1.) Headaches: Many things like stress, allergies, fatigue, alcohol, foods, dehydration, hormonal imbalance or poor posture can trigger headaches. However one of the most common causes of headaches…

Lawnmower 2


Jun, 2017

Everybody do the lawnmower!

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For putting, we want to rock the shoulders. The lawnmower – the kind where you pull a rope to start the engine is a great exercise to give you that feeling. Stand in a lunge position – left foot in front of the right. Hinge forward at the hips.  Bring your right elbow next to your ribcage.  Imagine gently squeezing an oven mitt under your arm pit.   Rotating the shoulders,…

Putting 2


Mar, 2017

Oven Mitts can help your putting!

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If two golfers putt every green, that adds up to 36 strokes. For the average golfer, that’s 40% of your total! PUTTING IS IMPORTANT, and we don’t spend enough time practicing this part of the game. For great putting,…



Oct, 2016

From Corporate to Chiropractic – Meet Dr. Pentz

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Dr. Debra Pentz is a natural at the work she does as a Mesa Chiropractor here at Nevy Health, but she hasn’t always been a chiropractor. In her first career, Dr. Pentz worked in the corporate world in finance and accounting. So, what caused this shift into chiropractic care? “It was very stressful, and I saw my chiropractor about every two weeks on a Friday afternoon. Even though I was…

Jason Loth's Family


Sep, 2016

Meet Dr. Loth

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  When Dr. Jason Loth was in college, he injured himself playing college baseball. After visiting a friend of the family who worked as a chiropractor, Dr. Loth was impressed with how the chiropractor could make him better so…