Chiropractic Services

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Chiropractic is the science of correcting vertebral subluxations through gentle, specific adjustments. Spinal adjustments can help improve mind/body communications.

Chiropractic treatment given to the body helps improve the function of the neuromusculoskeletal system (Nerves/ muscles / joints). This treatment is one of the key components to your overall health and can help your spine and extremities achieve optimal function. With dysfunctions in your spinal joints you may have reduced neurological function. Your nervous system controls everything you do. At Nevy Health we provide multiple chiropractic techniques determining the best technique for each patient. We provide Sports Chiropractic care with extremity adjusting, manual manipulation, Atlas – Orthogonal, activator and more to fit the needs of each person. Chiropractic care could benefit almost everyone. We have treated infants to the elderly and anyone in between. When you have joint dysfunction you can’t always feel it. In time this joint dysfunction can lead to muscle tightness, nerve irritation, osteoarthritis, poor posture, pain, disc stress, headaches and many other problems and symptoms. The only way to know if you could benefit from chiropractic care is to have your spine and joints evaluated by one of our Chiropractic physicians here at Nevy Health.


This type of chiropractic care involves the use of the hands to improve motion to restricted joints. Restricted joints are found by motion palpation (feeling the mobility) of the joint. When a restricted or locked joint is found “adjustments” are given with a controlled force to the joint to free scar tissue restriction and adhesions in the joint that are inhibiting mobility thus compromising nerve, muscle and joint function. This restriction can come from multiple sources such as past trauma from an auto accident or sports injury, poor postures, repetitive stresses, along with mental stress and chemical toxicity.


Every joint in the body can become dysfunctional. Many of the pains in the extremities come from restricted mobility of the joint or muscle or both. Extremity adjusting can help restore normal motion to these joints. There have been many conditions that have been helped with extremity adjusting being a part of the treatment. Some examples include Plantar fascitis, shin splints, extremity muscle strains, and pain in the extremities just to name a few. The concept is the same as adjusting the spine. Where the joint is restricted or “locked up” an adjustment is meant to help free it up and restore more motion to the associated joint.


Sigma uses a straightforward neuro-functional approach. It provides a precise, gentle and preferred advanced, computer-assisted instrument-based assessment and treatment approach.

The key to the therapeutic response is the precise, quantified, and reproducible low force, resonant percussive impulses that are delivered to the tissue by the treatment head. Sigma can be used for both spinal adjustment and extremity treatment. Moreover it is completely adaptable, and can be integrated easily with most existing chiropractic technique approaches, philosophies and treatment styles.


How many Chiropractic treatments does it take?

This is different with each patient.  There are many factors: age, overall health, past trauma, how long the problem has been present among many other factors.  Many patients will feel better after a few treatments but the but the ultimate goal to achieve optimal health is to restore normal function and structure if possible and this usually occurs multiple treatments after one becomes pain free.

If I don't have pain, could Chiropractic help me?

Possibly.  Many people have less than optimal function in their joints and muscles and live pain free.  This dysfunction can lead to repetitive stress to the discs, nerves, joints and muscles over time.  So getting regular adjustments to improve this function can help minimize this damage.  A good example is stage 4 cancer; Many people get diagnosed with it without having any symptoms.  The problem usually has been accumulating for some time without symptoms.  Many times the symptoms are the last thing to come.  It’s always better to treat the problem instead of wait for the symptoms if possible.  The only way to know if you have joint/ muscle dysfunction is to get an evaluation by one of our qualified chiropractic physicians at Nevy Health.