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When Dr. Jason Loth was in college, he injured himself playing college baseball. After visiting a friend of the family who worked as a chiropractor, Dr. Loth was impressed with how the chiropractor could make him better so fast, and from that moment on, Dr. Loth knew he wanted a career in chiropractic care.

What is your motivation?

Every day I love coming to work at Nevy Health and being able to take care of people the best that I can with the talent that God has given me. I’m motivated by being able to serve God and my patients through chiropractic care.

What is one thing that you wish everyone knew about chiropractic care?

That it can be a double-edged sword, in that if it is done poorly, it won’t help people feel better but when it is done well, it can and will change a life.

What does your perfect Saturday morning look like?

My favorite weekend routine is waking up, studying the bible and spending time with God, and then playing softball with my two daughters and my wife.

How do you stay health at home?

I do my best to practice what I preach every day at Nevy Health. I get adjusted and get massages regularly in addition to exercising and eating well (most of the time!).

What do you love most about Nevy Health?

I love the fact that Nevy is comprised of great people with same, great desire to help people to the best of their ability.


In addition to the excellent work that Dr. Loth does with his patients at Nevy Health, Dr. Loth has developed and created the Spine Align Pillow. The inspiration for this pillow came from the need he saw early on in his career with so many of his patients having a poor sleeping posture, which was causing them not to respond as well to treatments. The Dr. Loth’s Spine Align Pillow is the first fully customizable cervical contour pillow that helps with correct sleeping posture for both back and side sleeping.

Learn more about the Spine Align pillow here:


Nevy Health is proud to have Dr. Jason Loth on our team. Call us today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Loth!