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Oven Mitts can help your putting!

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | March 31st, 2017

If two golfers putt every green, that adds up to 36 strokes. For the average golfer, that’s 40% of your total! PUTTING IS IMPORTANT, and we don’t spend enough time practicing this part of the game. For great putting, follow these steps.

A proper set up includes a good grip, stance and body position.  There are many ways to grip the putter. The grip’s purpose is hold the putter in a way that keeps the putter face from wobbling and or rotating during the putting stroke. Experiment with different grips, and chose the one that keeps the putter face moving smoothly through the putting stroke.

Stance – Your feet should be shoulder width or slightly wider to stabilize your lower body. There is not any lower body movement during the putting stroke.
Eye line is over the ball with the body lines parallel to your line of the putt.

Putting Motion is a pendulum swing, shoulders rocking, back and forth. Allowing the shoulders to rock keeps the hands from steering the golf ball. If we learn how to engage, or pressurize our body muscles properly we can keep our hands soft and eliminate our hands taking over the motion.




Now about those oven mitts. Don’t put them on your hands. Imagine that you have oven mitts squeezed gently between your upper arm and ribcage under your arm pits. This helps engage the proper muscles for putting.

To practice – take the palms of your hands and gently press them together. (photo 1) Feel where the muscles become pressurized. It should be in your pectoral (chest) muscles. Remember to keep those oven mitts gently squeezed under your arm pits. Now set up in your putting posture and try it again. (photo 2) Your lower body should feel the stable as you rock your shoulders back and forth.

Check out Dr. Debra Pentz exercises to get engaged or learn how to pressurize your pectoral muscles.
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