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What To Expect During Your Nevy Health Massage

By: | Tags: | Comments: 2 | May 8th, 2018

Deep Tissue MassageAt Nevy Health in Mesa, we are proud to offer a variety of services to our patients. Many of our chiropractic patients find that massage therapy is a perfect compliment to their regular adjustments. Other patients schedule massage appointments on their own to deal with aches and pains, or for simply a relaxing experience. No matter your reasoning, we are excited that you are trusting the talented team of massage therapists at Nevy Health!

Here are a few things that you can expect during your appointment:


Communication is key!

During your appointment, communicate with your massage therapist. The more that they know about the concerns you have the better they will be able to address them. Tell them about your specific areas of complaint.  The more they know the better they can help you.  Share those details. Also be sure to let your massage therapist know if their pressure it too firm, or not firm enough. Remember, this massage is for you, so it’s perfectly fine to request the specifics that you are looking for.

“Dress down to your comfort”

At the beginning of your appointment, the massage therapist will advise you to dress down to your comfort and will leave the room to allow you to do so. This statement, really truly does mean to dress down to your comfort.   As in our first point, communication is key! If you have questions, talk to your therapist at the beginning of your appointment.

To Tip or not to Tip?

At Nevy health we are a health care clinic so tips are not expected like at a spa.  However, our therapists are great a what they do and work hard so if you feel inclined to leave a tip they won’t turn it down.

Take care of yourself after the massage.

After your massage please be sure to take care of yourself! If the therapist was working hard on a specific area, you might feel a bit sore the following day or two. Be sure to drink extra water the day of and allow your body to recover. Massage therapy can release toxins and these toxins need to be flushed from the body to avoid feeling nauseous or more sore than normal.


2 thoughts on “What To Expect During Your Nevy Health Massage

  1. Bob

    I love your tip about how telling your massage therapist exactly what is hurting. That makes sense considering you want to make sure that they hit all the tight knots. I’ll have to go in for a massage to fix my back.

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