EXSTORE – What is it, and can it help with pain relief?

EXSTORE – What is it, and can it help with pain relief?


Back pain – who has time for that?

Let’s face it – Back pain is the worst. In fact, it’s something that nearly 8% of all adults experience as a chronic condition. Nearly 65 million Americans have reported a recent back pain episode (according to recent statistics in an independent study). So what can you do about it? Sure, there are traditional ways to treat back pain of course, as recommended by your primary care physician. Beyond that however, many Americans are left scratching their heads and throwing up their hands over what to do to find relief – and that’s just for back pain. What about other areas of the body as well?

Exstore (a unique variation of Electroacupuncture) means EXAMINE and RESTORE. Exstore is a revolutionary way many patients (much like yourself) are experiencing pain relief by way of electrically-charged acupuncture. Exstore is practiced in 6 continents, and over 41 countries where people worldwide are experiencing pain relief. The way it works is we reveal motor inhibition (when a muscle works sub optimally) that is responsible for movement and stability of the skeletal girdles (scapular and pelvic). We diagnose whether the issue is a mechanical problem (movement, strength, both) or a chronic systemic issue.

Dr. Corey Skubisz then tests the strength of the muscles to find which ones are neurologically inhibited (weak).  These muscles are not doing their job of supporting the body structure and can lead to pain and dysfunction.  After pinpointing which muscles are weakened, he applies acupuncture plus electric stimulation (similar to a TENS unit), which immediately “wakes up” the muscle, changing the strength instantly!  When the muscles are reawakened, the body is expected to be able to move better and the painful situation is set to improve.

So how do I know if I’m a good candidate for Exstore?

Dr. Corey offers a free 20 minute consultation to all of his new patients in advance of the EXSTORE procedure. The procedure ITSELF is typically around 30-40 minutes, and is generally not covered by most insurance plans (as per most naturopathic services). On the day of your appointment, Dr. Corey will request that you wear loose fitting clothing for ease of access to the specific areas that will need to be treated.

To schedule your visit, just call Nevy Health at 480-833-0302 option 2!